About Ekya Schools


Ekya Schools, in association with the National Public Schools, are the newest members of the CMR Group of Institutions. ‘Ekya’ means oneness, and at school we constantly encourage unity in diversity through a culture of community and collaboration. The Ekya learning experience focuses on developing a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness in a child through active learning.

The Ekya curriculum, instruction, and assessment techniques are student-centric, current and evidence-based. The Ekya Learning Centre frequently updates teaching and learning strategies to create optimal learning environments for our students. Ekya educators also periodically undergo professional development modules that are designed in-house, as we believe that this is instrumental in shaping a student’s development, in every way.

The word Ekya is derived from the Sanskrit sounds of unity and individuality. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and togetherness while allowing space for the individual to grow and express oneself.

The school forms the foundation for a child’s future, which is why we stress on a collaborative approach. Between you and us, between the teachers and us, and more importantly, between our teachers and your child.

The Logo

The Ekya logo can be interpreted in many ways and it is exciting to see how our students derive their own meaning from it.

We believe that every individual is unique and special in their own way. Every perspective is different yet important. The strengths of each member of Ekya comes together to form a whole. This whole makes our school community. Students and educators are all united in a singular mission towards the quest for knowledge. Each one’s uniqueness and individuality adds depth and dimension to the culture of Ekya.

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